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A Little Tale of The Library Fairy

The Library Fairy (TLF) has flown out of hiding from her forest home in Witsywump to increase literacy by joyfully educating and entertaining fippits (children) and those that walk afoot. Her tales have been seen and heard on television, and in numerous libraries, schools, theaters and book festivals introducing thousands of young lives to the art of storytelling. Her stories are performed in the lively oral tradition utilizing multicultural folklore and enchanting her audiences with narration, interactive games, music and theatrical improvisation using an array of props, humor and song.  She also uses Spanish at times to tell her many delightful stories. TLF is dedicated to providing literacy tools and viable storytelling models for parents and educators alike, and has numerous articles online and in print; and now provides enchanting storytelling podcasts, books and CDs for the little ones.


A recognized authority in the field, she’s worked with children from diverse backgrounds in libraries, schools and community services alike. When asked by the children where their wings were, she’s smiled and replied, “Stories are the wings to your imagination … fly high!”


With extensive experience as a storyteller and educator, TLF’s mission is to introduce the distinctive art of oral storytelling on an international level for a whole new generation of story listeners.  To this end, she partnered with prominent professionals in the fields of children's entertainment, literacy and education to produce The Library Fairy and Friends  program intended for broadcast with a network, cable or PBS outlet. The goal: to promote literacy, diversity and self-esteem in children.


The Library Fairy has traveled extensively around the world where she adopted elements from the local cultures, integrating them into her storytelling artistry.



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