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The Library Fairy’s Podcast Has Transformed into Audiobooks!


Listen to her tell enchanting stories on audiobooks by clicking links below.


If you enjoy her narration of the stories, please leave a review on the platform, thank you:


Beatrix Potter Tales, Part 1: NOOK Audiobooks  Google Play  Chirp  Libro.FM  Storytel and


Beatrix Potter Tales, Part 2: NOOK Audiobooks  Google Play  Chirp  Libro.FM  Storytel and


Peter Pan:  NOOK Audiobooks  Apple  Libro.FM  Storytel and Google Play and


Folktales Around the World! NOOK Audiobooks  Chirp  Google Play  Libro.FM  Scribd  Storytel+



Please also check on the platforms below as our retailers expand regularly!


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Join parents, teachers and kids around the world who love The Library Fairy’s dynamic, interactive children's stories! Accompanied by an array of expert narration, sound effects, and characters… stories come alive!

In review after review, parents confess their young ones love listening to The Library Fairy podcasts while riding in the car, or before bedtime. Sample of reviews:

"My seven-year-old daughter absolutely loves The Library Fairy. She listens to stories every night as she drifts off to sleep. Great stories told well." -  mac125

"My 5 and 3 year-olds loved these stories - made our car ride great. " - Mom24

"My family loves the podcast. I'm the father of three lovely girls and they love to listen at bedtime." –davidjustin


The stories may be used as pure entertainment or as a wonderful teaching, literacy and language tool. Children use their vital cognitive skills to imagine the characters and story during the program, a key to reading achievement. Shows are great for kids ages 2 – 11+ depending on reading level.


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