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  California Standards in Performance Arts (VAPA): Storytelling Ideas

 Artistic perception: students participate in theater terms such as parts of the stage, character, script, improvisation, beginning, middle, end, story plot, real vs. fantasy and  the five Ws. Also, using props from the cultures of the stories. Creative expression: students act in Story Theater, theater movement and games and create characters in gesture, voice and emotion.  Historical context: multicultural tales are told and origins discussed; students also act out specific times in California or American history. Aesthetic valuing: discussions after performances of stories: how students respond and feel, comparing genres, lessons in tales and audience member participation. Connecting relationships: students perform tales in Story Theater: role playing, teamwork, socialization and act out other subjects, like history and English.


Our storytelling programs have been sponsored by LAUSD’s Arts Community Partnership Network (ACPN).

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